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Test your Forestry skills

Try to identify each plant or tree below.  For the answers, move you mouse over the image and the name will popup.

Rose Hips Running Cedar
Liverworts (Marchantiophyta) Bear Berries

Red Cedar Sycamore Tree 

Sycamore Tree  Sweet Gum Tree

Sweet Gum Tree (this was a young tree-new growth) Sycamore Tree Bark

Loblolly bark Poison Ivey Vine

Devils Walking Stick  American Holly Tree (Male there, there are no berries)

Alsike Clover Wild Black Cherry Tree

Fruit from a Virginia Cedar Fescue grass

Japanese Honey Suckle White Oak Trees

Red Burch Bark (bark is paper thin) Cattail or Typha Latifolia

Some Type of Funaria Moss