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Rank Advancement and Merit Badge Requirements

For helpful information, including merit badge workbooks, see (note that this is not an official BSA site, however, so workbooks and related materials might not be current).

Rank Advancement

What Is Rank Advancement
Although it's important that the Scouts in our troop have fun, another thing we encourage is rank advancement. In Boy Scouts there are 7 ranks:

Scout (beginning in 2016, the first rank earned)
Second Class
First Class

One of the main emphases in Boy Scouts is increasing the rank of the scouts. On the journey that a member of our Troop takes from Scout to Eagle, he learns survival, leadership, proper judgement, and many other skills that can be applied in life.

How To Increase Your Rank
To advance in rank, Scouts must complete requirements in front of an eligible leader and have them signed off in the Scout Handbook. All of these requirements can be found at the back of the Handbook and can also be found here:
The ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle require the completion of Merit Badges, in addition to requirements completed in the Troop. To begin work on a Merit Badge, a Scout must first have a discussion with the Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster, who will recommend a Counselor and issue a Blue Card, which must be taken to counseling sessions in order to make progress on a given Merit Badge.