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Welcome to Troop 409



Sponsored by:

Yeamans Park Presbyterian Church

5931 N. Murray Avenue

Hanahan, SC  29410



Troop Meetings:

Troop meetings are held every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 during the year.  The troop typically does not meet during school vacations such as Spring Break or Christmas unless we have planned an activity for that time such as a campout.  It is the Scout’s responsibility to notify his Patrol Leader or Senior Patrol Leader/Assistant Senior Patrol Leader to let him know if you cannot make a meeting.  If you cannot contact your boy leader, please notify a member of the Scoutmaster Corps.  A troop roster can be accessed on Scoutlander (our troop website).


You should bring your Scout Handbook for reference to every meeting along with pen and notebook to record any important information.


Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) is held monthly.  This meeting is for the SPL/ASPL, Troop Guide, Patrol Leaders, Scribe and other Troop-elected leaders (such as Quartermaster, Chaplain’s Aide, Historian, Librarian) as needed.  The purpose of this meeting is to plan the upcoming troop meetings and outings for the upcoming month.




Meeting dues are $1.00 per week or $52.00 a year regardless of whether or not you attend.  We collect dues at each meeting, payable to your Patrol Leader or his designated leader.



Joining Requirements:

A scout must meet the following requirements:

·         At least 10 ½ years old and in the fifth grade, or earned the Arrow of Light, or be 11-18 years of age.


Troop Organization:

Troop 409 is a “Boy-Led” organization and utilizes the Patrol Method for operations.  A Patrol consists of 6 to 10 boys who will work together at campouts and other activities.  The Senior Patrol Leader is the highest ranking boy leader.  It is the SPL’s responsibility to lead the scouts to execute the Troop’s program as planned for the year.  The Scoutmaster and ASM are the adult leadership who directly work with the Troop to help the scouts execute their plans by providing mentoring, guidance and instruction so that the Scouts can lead themselves.  The Troop Committee supports the program as planned by the Troop under the mentoring of the SM/ASM by performing the necessary registration, transportation, and other activities to help the Troop execute their plan.  The Troop Committee does not have direct interaction with the scout except for Board of Reviews and in accordance with the Troop Committee Guidebook.  If resources or execution is needed from the Committee, the Scoutmaster will convey the needs of the Troop (via the PLC) to the Troop Committee during their monthly meeting.


Troop Traditions:

·         Attend Summer Camp for one week each summer

·         Attend Winter Camp during December each year

·         Plan a Scout Sunday Service at Yeamans Park Presbyterian

·         Schedule at least one outing (usually a campout, but sometimes a baseball or hockey game) each month

·         Perform at least 2 service projects for Yeamans Park Presbyterian

·         Tailor the program for what the Scouts want to do

·         Have a lot of fun


Family Support:

Troop health, can be a direct reflection of parental involvement.  Parents are strongly encouraged to get involved.  Parents can find more information at: addressing the role of parents in the TroopIt is a BSA requirement that all outings have “Two-Deep Leadership.”  We cannot schedule any activities outside of our regular meetings without the support of parents and friends.  We are truly blessed to have an active Troop Committee with caring parents who:

(1)                   Provide support to the Troop’s activities as planned in their PLC and recorded in their meetings. 

(2)                   Provide support to promote and track membership, training, advancement, medical forms, event registration, BSA approved fundraising and other functions as outlined in the BSA Troop Committee Handbook.

Troop Committee does not work directly with the boys, but rather supports the activities that the Scouts have planned through their PLC.  The commitment of parents, relatives and friends will enhance the Troop’s programs.  This can be done by driving or chaperoning of the scouts on campouts and activities.  Please ask a scoutmaster or committee member about how you can best help.  Remember, scouting is for boys – let them do the work, plan the trip, cook the meals, etc.  Work as much as possible through the youth leadership.



Troop policies:

Attendance Policy – All scouts are encouraged to attend all Troop meetings, outings, and activities.  In this day and age, it is impossible to not have a conflict with school, family commitments, or another activity such as sports or band.  It is the responsibility of the scout to notify the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader or Scoutmaster if he is not going to be attending a meeting/outing or missing several meetings because of sports or some other activity. Scouts should keep their attendance at or above 50% participation for all Troop meetings and activities.


Medical Forms – The Troop Committee keeps the medical information on the application you filled out when joining the troop.  This information is kept by the troop so prompt medical attention can be obtained for a Scout in case of an emergency.  Additional medical forms are required for high adventure and long term camps, such as summer camps and must be filled out prior to participation in the activity.  All high adventure requires Class C medical forms and all adults over 40 must complete this form to participate in summer camp.


Special Needs – The Scoutmaster should be notified in writing if a Scout has special medical needs, allergies or medicines.


Health and Safety:

Troop 409 activities are designed to provide exciting and fun experiences to Scouts.  While safety is always a prime objective, some our activities by their very nature involve a certain element of risk.  Troop policies for health and safety are based on The Guide to Safe Scouting. 


A few important things for Scouts to remember regarding transportation to and from events:


·         Permission slips, when required, must be signed and returned prior to the date indicated on the form.

·         Event/activity sign up is required by the event deadline set.  This will ensure that proper patrol menu planning and/or transportation has been secured.

·         Scouts should be sure to carry sufficient money for a meal or snack on the trip if this has been specified on the permission slip.

·         Scouts should be careful in the cars, as they are guests of the driver.  A “thank you” is appropriate and always appreciated by the driver.

·         Scouts are not to leave meetings or outings early without prior parental consent that should be communicated to the Scoutmaster.



Advancement through the ranks is one of the most important parts of Scouting.  The extent to which a boy participates in the advancement program largely governs the benefit he gains from the membership and length of time he stays in Scouting.  Boys join the troop and then advance through the ranks in the following order: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and then Eagle. The Bison Patrol may review and sign off on the completion of individual requirements for the Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. The Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmasters performs sign-off for individual requirements for all ranks, including Star, Life, and Eagle.  A parent is not permitted to sign a Scout’s book except the Parent’s Guide section. 

Scouts with disabilities are encouraged to participate fully and are incorporated into the patrols.  Parents of a Scout with disabilities that will possibly hinder his rank advancement will work with the Scoutmaster to identify the requirements that the scout is capable of completing and to identify alternate requirements for fulfilling those that he cannot complete.  The complete program will be submitted to the Troop Committee Advancement Chair for review and action.


Merit Badges – Merit badges may be earned from the first day in Scouting, until the boy’s 18th birthday.  Which badges when, where, and how earned is the Scout’s responsibility.  Merit badges are not a regular part of the Troop meeting, but from time to time, the Troop leaders will make arrangements for classes on merit badge or incorporate the earning of a merit badge into a Troop Meeting or Campout.  Merit badges such as swimming and lifesaving may be efficiently attained at Summer Camp.  No matter how the merit badge is presented, it is the Scout’s responsibility to follow through and complete the requirements for the badge.  Merit badges are required for the higher ranks such as Star (6), Life (11), and Eagle (21).  An adult counselor is needed to pass you on any merit badge.  Parents may serve as Merit Badge Counselors, but it is suggested that they should limited to approval if other Merit Badge Counselors are available for of their scout’s merit badges. A list of merit badges is available online at


Scoutmaster Conference - When all requirements are completed for a particular rank, the Patrol Leader for a Scout earning Scout, Tenderfoot, and Second Class requests a conference with the Scoutmaster through the Senior Patrol Leader.  Scouts working towards advancement to First Class and higher, will notify the Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster to request a review.  It is the Scout’s responsibility to ensure that the Patrol Leader/Senior Patrol Leader/Scoutmaster notification has been completed.  The Scoutmaster may consult with a Patrol Advisor/Assistant Scoutmaster(s) about the fitness of a Scout going to a Scoutmaster Conference.  After discussions with the scout, the Scoutmaster can recommend the scout to the committee for a Board of Review.


Board of Review- The purpose of a Board of Review to let the Scout express his understanding of his rank requirements in his own words and to demonstrate his comfort with the basic Scouting skills and concepts.  The Board of Review is coordinated by the Advancement Chair of the Troop Committee.  A Board of Review should not be held on the same day as the scouts Scoutmaster Conference.


Court of Honor – This is the event where all rank, merit badges and other awards are presented.  We will try to have at least two Courts of Honors per year, depending on the amount of advancements and achievements.  All Scouts and their parents are invited and strongly encouraged to attend.  The Court of Honor is when the Troop celebrates the accomplishments of the Scouts.  Because of this, Scouts who are not receiving awards or rank, as well as their parents, should plan to attend, support and affirm those who are receiving awards.  This is the major contact between parents and the Troop.


Uniforms:  Class A/Field Uniform (tan uniforms) are required for transportation to all outings and Court of Honors.  Class A includes the tan shirt with appropriate patches and epaulets, scout socks, scout pants and neckerchief.  Troop 409 requires the black neckerchief with red trim as part of our troop uniform.  A Troop 409 hat is optional.  Class B uniforms (t shirt) are available prior to summer camp.  Senior Patrol Leaders and Patrol Leaders should wear their uniform shirts to meetings to quickly identify themselves to the rest of the troop.  Class A uniforms are required for the PLC meetings.  The troop has some recycled uniform shirts that are available to anyone.  Donations of outgrown uniforms are welcome.  Uniform pants and shorts are strongly encouraged for summer camp and Camporees because they have a lot of pockets to carry lots of stuff.  Shirts must be tucked in.  Most summer camps and council events expect a Class A uniform for flag ceremonies and dinner.




Primary Contacts


Scoutmaster:  Kathi Salcedo -

(843) 901-0987


Troop Committee Chair:

Cathy Spence –



Chartering Organization Representative (COR):

David Beaudrot –  843-552-2632