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Cub Scout Fall Kick-Off - Rocket Launch!


Shepard Middle School
440 Grove Ave., Deerfield

We're looking forward to seeing everyone for the rocket launch.

Your Den Leader will be delivering rockets to you in August.

Assemble your rocket at home and bring it with you to launch. Allow glue to dry overnight before launching. Follow the assembly instructions printed in the package and use the tips below.

Building Tips
- Don’t forget to decorate/name your rocket so you can identify it for retrieval (we do not have decorating prizes for the rockets, so save your most creative ideas for your Pinewood car).
- Do not glue or paint the nosecone into position... it must easily pop out to release the recovery streamer.
- Attached are  two pictures below showing a completed rocket... please refer to these before finalizing assembly.

Prior issues to avoid
1) The motor mount tube was glued in backwards. The end with the thrust ring should be in the middle of the rocket tube, not sticking out the end
2) The motor clip was missing or installed backwards
3) The motor clip was installed on the same side of the tube as the launch rod guide hole on the orange fins. Note in the picture below the guide hole is on top of the tube and the motor clip is on the bottom.
4) The streamer was not installed
5) The nose cone was glued or painted into place.
Also... Let your child know that they are only to retrieve/handle their own rocket.