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What is a Venturing Crew?

·         A Venturing Crew is a Boy Scouts of America unit with a program that is geared for teens and young adults. It is Co-ed with age limitations of 14-21.

What is a Charter Organization?

·         A Charter Organization is the owner of the BSA unit. Every year they must apply to continue to charter a BSA unit. Crew 240’s Charter Organization is The Hillsboro Odd Fellows Lodge No. 50.

Who is responsible for the program?

·         That is a question with multiple answers.

o    The Youth (Scouts) are learning leadership skills through a project management technique. So they must deliver ideas of what they want to do, seek the resources to do them, and partner with adults for specific expertise.

o    The Crew’s registered adults manage the Crew, specifically the Advisor is responsible for the program; the Committee Chair is responsible for the business side of the Crew.

o    The Charter Organization oversees the entire program and ensures that the program is consistent with the expectations of the Odd Fellows, BSA, and the membership.

o    Parents have a say in all that happens, either through suggestions to the youth or a vote at a Committee meetings.

What are dues and how much are they?

·         Dues refers to money that stays within the Crew, dues fund the program including some events, recognition, and program overhead. Since the capstone event should happen in August, dues cover a Scouts participation in the Crew from September 1st through August 31 of the following year. Currently Dues are $40 and are prorated for mid-year applicants.

What is BSA registration Cost?

·         Boy Scouts of America has a $15/year registration fee. Currently registered Boy Scouts only need to pay a $1 fee as long as they maintain current BSA registration with a Troop. This covers expenses that the National organization maintains. It works on a calendar year from January 1st through December 31st. BSA prorates this fee based on the number months remaining in the current calendar year.

Are any of the costs refundable?

·         Once the BSA application has been handed over to the Cascade Pacific Council, the registration fee is fully committed and non-refundable. While the Crew does not have a specific policy on Dues as of yet, in fairness, I would like us to consider that after 30 days the Crew dues are also 100% committed and non-refundable. The purchase of a uniform and the return policy is between the Scout/family and the merchant. However, I would point out that a Scout is Thrifty and selling a 2nd hand uniform for a fair price to a new Crew member could be a win/win for both parties.

Who carries insurance on the youth and the activities?

·         All properly planned activities are insured by the Boy Scouts of America. For this reason, non BSA youth are not permitted on Crew activities. All adults, both BSA registered and non-BSA registered are also covered on all Crew events as long as they are adhering to the rules and regulation listed in The Guide to Safe Scouting.


What is a BSA med form?

·         To participate in any activity outside of weekly planning meetings, all youth and all adults will need to have filled out the latest version of the BSA med form parts A&B, medical questioner. For any event or activity longer than 72 hours in duration or deemed High Adventure, requires Part C, a Doctor administered physical. Certain EXTREM HIGH ADVENTURES will require additional evaluations from a Doctor. These requirements are to ensure a Scout and Adult are physically capable of the challenges presented within a High Adventure, or EXTREME HIGH ADVENTURE. Downloadable Fillable PDF at bottom of page

What are the uniforms expectations?

·         Crew members should obtain the BSA Venturing Class A within 30 days of registering with Crew 240. This helps facilitate a team environment as well as give the Crew an identity and a recognizable affiliation in public. The Youth will be responsible for designing an alternate “Class B” uniform to wear in appropriate situations such as hiking, camping, or outdoor activities.

Are there any fundraising opportunities to offset the costs?

·         The Scouts are ultimately responsible to come up with financing options for their program(s). If they choose to fundraise, the Committee is prepared to assist in facilitating the fundraiser and managing the distribution of the proceeds into Scout Accounts.

What is a Scout Account?

·         A Scout Account is an individual Scout’s money reserved within the Crews General Fund to be used with the limitations of the Crew’s By Laws. Typically it consist of money earned through fundraising, and therefore cannot be cashed out.

Can I become a BSA Registered Leader with Crew 240?

·         All Registered Adults within Crew 240 must be approved by the Charter Organization, the Committee Chair, and Boy Scouts of America. There is an extensive back ground check as well as reference checks. While certain positions require becoming a BSA Registered Adults, there are many ways a parent/adult can help the Crew without becoming a registered BSA Adult Leader. To explore these options, ask the Committee Chair, Advisor(s), or one of the Uniformed Adults.

What is the Reward?

·         Youth who actively participate in the Crew will gain; some of the best friends for life, once in a life time experiences, leadership skills for adulthood, opportunities for college scholarships, associations with Adults that are plugged into the community, and membership in the largest and greatest youth organization, ever.

How do I begin?

1.       Fill out the BSA Youth Application.

2.       Fill Out BSA Med Form parts A&B

3.       Pay Prorated Dues  and Prorated BSA registration.

4.       Order your Uniform with Jackie form La Haie’s.

5.       Show up Wednesday @ 7pm for 1st meeting.

6.       Schedule a Doctor’s Physical, Part C of BSA Med Form

Icon File Name Comment  
BSA Med Form REV.9_2012.pdf BSA Med Form for all activities in 2013-2014