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Wood Cut/Stack January 2014

Will and Dan on the Chainsaws.

Jessica, Ty, Emily, Jasmine, Elliot, Tracy, and Kari getting the 2+ cords of wood loaded for transport.

Our bounty all loaded up.
Crew 240 takes a break to pose for a picture and then head back into town for unloading and re-staking.

Will, Tony, and Josh get started on the assembly line passing off to the "Mud Dwags" lead by Emily.

and Elliot takes passing it to a new level by throwing Ty a touchdown pass.
 And our 2014 Mud Queen is .... Emily!

Camp Wilkerson Shoot Out Nov 22-24


Whistler Canada July 21-25

Welcome to Canada.                                                                          Riding the gobdola up to the base of Whistler Glacier.



BSA NYLT June 30-July 5

National Youth Leadership Training is an exciting, action-packed program designed for councils to provide youth members with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home Troops, Crews and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others. Crew 240 President Jessica, Crew Secretary Kaila, and Crew 240 and Troop 225 Scout Ziah accept the challenge to go learn what a 100+ years of Boy Scouts have to offer.

Jessica, Kaila, And Ziah enjoying one last meal before a week of Camp Cooper and NYLT
Now you see them, now you don't.

After 6 days of team building and training, Jessica, Kaila, and Ziah all have successfully completed NYLT and show of thier new credentials.  

Rafting Maupin Oregon June 15-16

Crew 240 Heading into Box Car With Sam and Samantha up front leading the charge!
Crew 240 on the Dechutes for their second 1/2 of the trip                          Alan and Zeke making some mean sausage for breakfast
Sam, Cam, Samantha, Jasmine getting the morning dishes done                 Alan, Kayla, and Cam working on lunch
Apparently cooking takes a lot out of you, Zeke and Cameron catching some zzzzzzzz!
You brushed and it is time for a RINSE!
Dinner at Calamity Janes on the way home.                                            Crew 240 always has time for a group photo. 

The ladies surpisingly packed light(er)                                   However Sam (the Eagle Scout) looks to have brought everything from home on this trip.
Advisors are just kids with more experience. Here Associate Advisor Alena shows us her 'Chompers' while Associate Advisor Josh knows whoever is closer to the grill eats first.

Gales Creek Day Hike June 9, 2013

Jessica striking the 'Captain Morgan' pose.                                                    Jasmine holds the whole tree up from falling
Associate Adivors Alena & Josh with Scouts Jessica & Jasmine enjoying each others friendship and the Oregon Coast Mountain Range.

June 1, 2013 - Rugged Maniac

Crew 240 Left to Right getting ready to run the race. Associate Advisor Josh, his wife Ashley, Peter, Sam, Mariae, Cameron, Jessica, Zeke, and Advisor Dan. 
A bit muddy after the race. L to R: Jessica, Cameron, and Advisor Dan          Associate Advisor Josh and his wife.

Crew 240 poses for one final picture. They are exhasted, muddy and ready for some lunch.