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Cub Scout Pack 62
(Deptford, New Jersey)
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Pack 62 Adopts Deptford Twp K-9!

Deptford Township Police Department K-9 Unit and Cub Pack 62

Adopt a Deptford Twp K-9!

Pack 62 is proud of our local township Police and Fire Department members. 
As a show of our support for these great organizations, we are excited to announce that Pack 62 has officially
‘ADOPTED A Deptford Township K-9’!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Deptford Township K-9 Association and welcome Officer Tirado and K-9 Officer Rebel of the Deptford Township K-9 unit as honorary members of our Pack.

Officer Tirado and his partner Officer Rebel have worked extremely hard while completing their intensive K-9 training during the summer! 
In recognition of their efforts, it is our privilege to convey to Officer Rebel the honorary Cub Scout Rank of ‘Wolf’ which was presented at our November 2014 Pack meeting!

Please join us in congratulating our newest Pack member!!!

(Officer Tirado and his partner, K-9 Officer Rebel – our newest ‘Wolf’ Pack member!)


Many of our Scouts are students in the successful DARE program run by our Township Police Department and look to the officers who run the program as mentors and role models in our community.

We were so impressed with the positive impact this program has had on our Pack family, we requested the opportunity to create a formal relationship with the Deptford Police Department’s K-9 unit.  We are extremely excited to have this opportunity to ‘Adopt a K-9’ as a show of support for their efforts in our school and our community.   Our many thanks to Police Chief William Hanstein and the Deptford Township K-9 Association for being so willing to work with our Cub family! 

 We look forward to watching our Cub Pack grow with both Officer Tirado and K-9 Officer Rebel and ask that you join us as we proudly support our newest pack member, our local DARE officers,  and the efforts of the Deptford Township K9 Association!