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Venturing Gold Award

The Venturing Gold Award was developed to recognize the significant accomplishment in a Venturer's life as he or she has proven outstanding performance in a broad spectrum of activities. Earning it will challenge and motivate Venturers over an extended period.

This award provides a favorable image of the Venturing program among youth, parents, schools, and the community. It offers challenging and stimulating opportunities for Venturers to develop and achieve personal goals in the areas of leadership, character development, and personal fitness.


Venturing Gold Award candidates must be active and registered Venturers for at least 12 months before final qualification. They must serve in a leadership role within the 12 months before final qualification. They must participate in a district, council, or national Venturing event or activity. They must set and accomplish one personal goal in each of the six areas. They must plan and lead at least two crew activities. They must recite the Venturing Oath. Three letters of recommendation from adults outside of the crew are required, and the candidate must make an oral presentation to a crew review committee. Finally, they must be approved and recommended by their crew committee.


To achieve the award, Venturing Gold Award candidates must submit a written petition to their crew Advisor in which they outline their plans and ambitions for their projects. Advisors are encouraged to have a conference with each candidate to ensure that the Venturer has developed a well-conceived plan, and that he or she has specific goals in mind. The Advisor approves the plan. After council approval, the council issues the award. They are required to have earned the Venturing Bronze Award.

Download an application form for the Venturing Gold award.


After many months of determined service and leadership, the Venturing Gold Award should be presented in a setting worthy of the award. Suggested occasions include high school assemblies, church services, and council Venturing events. The award may be presented more than once. The award is a gold medal featuring the Venturing logo inside a compass dial. The medal is suspended from a white ribbon. A certificate is also available.

  • Award Medal, No. 04187
  • Certificate, No. 33665
  • Pocket Certificate, No. 33648