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Junior Leadership Information

Junior Leaders are the backbone of a boy-led troop like Troop 230.  Though we elect some leadership positions and appoint the others, they all carry the responsibility to run the troop well.  This page is dedicated to give the tools to help Troop 230 Junior Leaders.  See linked web pages for information on specific leadership positions.


How can you do your job if you don't even know what your job is?  Well, below are the most current job descriptions for all possible leadership positions in Troop 230! 

Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)

  • Responsible for troop’s overall operation and leader of the troop
  • In charge of troop meetings, Patrol Leaders’ Council, and all troop activities
  • Helps each patrol be successful
  • Responsible for annual program planning conferences
  • Assists Scoutmaster in conducting troop leadership training
  • Sees that the troop runs in an orderly and timely manner
  • Presides over the Patrol Leaders’ Council
  • Voting member of Patrol Leaders’ Council
  • Attends leader reconnaissance for troop events
  • Leads troop in all activities
  • Works with Scoutmaster to effectively run troop
  • Starts phone tree calls when directed by Scoutmaster
    • Calls patrol leaders to notify their patrols
    • Calls ASPL to notify the junior leaders
    • Calls Scoutmaster when troop phone tree complete

 Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)

  • Leads the troop when SPL is absent (see SPL description)
  • Attends Patrol Leaders’ Council
  • Voting member of Patrol Leaders’ Council
  • Provide training and direction for TQM, Scribe, Historian, Librarian, and Instructor
  • Carries out special troop level projects as directed by the SPL and/or Scoutmaster
  • Calls junior leaders on phone tree when directed by SPL
  • Calls SPL when junior leader phone tree complete

 Patrol Leader (PL)

  • Leader in planning and conducting patrol meetings and activities
  • Is expected to attend most campouts and scouting events in order to lead his patrol
  • Encourages patrol members to complete advancement requirements
  • Sets a good example by living up to the Scout Oath and Law
  • Responsible for all patrol checked out equipment
  • Maintains patrol flag and ensures all members know patrol yell
  • Appoints patrol leadership positions (Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Scribe, Patrol Quartermaster, Patrol Grubmaster, and Patrol Cheermaster) in agreement with SPL and Scoutmaster
  • Voting member of Patrol Leaders’ Council
  • Calls patrol members on phone tree when directed by SPL
    • Calls SPL when patrol phone tree complete

 Assistant Patrol Leader (APL)

  • Leads patrol whenever patrol leader is absent (see PL description)
  • Attends Patrol Leaders’ Council in absence of PL

 Troop Guide

  • Provides direction, coaching, and support for patrol leader and new scouts
  • Accompanies new scout patrol on campouts and makes himself available to assist new scouts
  • Attends Patrol Leaders’ Council
  • Voting member of Patrol Leaders’ Council

 Quartermaster (TQM)

  • Manages troop supply and equipment activities
  • Oversees loading and unloading of Troop trailer before during and after campouts
  • Keeps current inventory of troop equipment and maintains a system to account for equipment 'by-name.'
  • Ensures Patrols return equipment clean and dry and inspects for completeness - reports any missing or broken equipment to the SPL and Scoutmaster
  • Works with patrol QMs as they check out and return equipment
  • Attends Patrol Leaders’ Council (one) and all attend Troop Leaders' Council
  • Report to Patrol Leader Council on equipment in need of replacement or repair
  • Works with Assistant Scoutmaster assisting troop QMs and troop committee


  • Troop secretary
  • Attends Patrol Leaders’ Council and Troop Leaders' Council and keeps a logbook of discussions
  • Records attendance of scouts and adult leaders at meetings, service projects, and outings
  • Maintains troop advancement records
  • Works with troop committee


  • Collect and preserve troop photos, news stories, trophies, flags, scrapbooks, awards, and other memorabilia
  • Collect and organize information about troop outings, advancements, and news for posting on troop website
  • Collect and organize information about former scouts and leaders and make materials available for scouting activities, media contacts, and troop history projects
  • Takes care of troop displays for Court of Honor and other events
  • Ensures troop displays can be used for Court of Honor, open houses, and other special events
  • Attends Troop Leaders' Council


  • Oversees care & use of troop books, pamphlets, magazines, audiovisuals, and merit badge books.
  • Checks out materials to scouts and adult leaders
  • Maintains records to ensure materials are returned and not lost
  • Suggests new literature acquisition
  • Reports to Patrol Leader Council on the need to repair/replace materials
  • Attends Troop Leaders’ Council


  • Proficient in scouting skills and the ability to teach that skill for others
  • Teaches scouting skills to others, especially skills required for rank advancement and outdoor activities
  • Attends Troop Leaders’ Council

 Chaplain Aide

  • Assists in religious services for the troop
  • Ensures religious holidays are considered during program planning
  • Promotes the religious emblems program
  • Attends Troop Leaders’ Council


  • Plays “Taps” at the end of all troop meetings
  • Plays “Reveille” and “Taps” at appropriate troop outings
  • Must know required bugle calls and should earn Bugling Merit Badge
  • Attends Troop Leaders’ Council

 Order of the Arrow Troop Representative (OA Rep)

  • Serves as communication link between troop and local OA lodge
  • Promotes the OA in the troop
  • Encourages year-round camping and resident camping in troop
  • Encourages participation of older scouts in high-adventure programs
  • Assists with leadership skills training in the troop
  • Supports fellow Arrowmen who undertake leadership roles in the troop
  • Attends Troop Leaders’ Council

 Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (JRASM)

  • Follow the guidance of the Scoutmaster
  • Provide support and supervision to other boy leaders in the troop
  • Valuable resource for teaching scout skills to younger scouts and providing leadership
  • Attends Troop Leaders’ Council

Troop Webmaster

  • Follow the guidance of the Troop Website Oversight Committee
  • Maintains troop website within the guidance of the Troop Website Oversight Committee
  • Ensures website information is up-to-date, correct, and protects adult and scout privacy
  • Attends Troop Leaders’ Council

Leave No Trace Trainer

  • Specializes in teaching Leave No Trace principles and ensures the troop follows these principles on outings
  • Helps scouts earn the Leave No Trace Award
  • Should complete Leave No Trace Training
  • Should earn the Camping and Environmental Science merit badges
  • Attends Troop Leaders’ Council