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Boy Scout Troop 354
(Dundalk, Maryland)
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Boy Scout Troop 354 - Dundalk, Maryland 21222

Dear Troop 354 Families,

WOW, lots of update information for October 2019 that pour into my inbox yesterday!

1. BSA National has announced an increase in re-chartering fees for 2020 (see attachment) that will affect all re-chartering units for 2020, an adjustment notice for our Troop's re-chartering fee will follow on or before the 10/23/2019 decision from BSA National.

2. BSA National announced additional 2020 Youth Protection guidelines for Adult Leaders with deadlines for completion (Update Sent to our Adult Leaders)

3. The Balance of 2019 Dues and 2020 re-chartering fees owed to the Troop will be due on 10/30/2019 meeting - those owing balances will receive an email

4. Boys will have decided on the Rocket Type to purchase as a unit for Rocket Launch in November by (10/02/2019 meeting). Preps for Launch during Oct. meetings

5. Preps during Oct meetings for attending Orienteering Competition at Broad Creek on Saturday, Nov.2nd

In Troop 354

Mr. Al
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