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2017 Summer Camp

Troop 501

2017 Summer Camp Information


 On July 16, 2017, Troop 501 will go to summer camp at Camp Freeland Leslie, located near Oxford, Wisconsin.  Camp Freeland Leslie is owned and operated by Three Fires Council.  It takes about 3 hours to get there; the troop will attend camp from July 16th - July 22nd.  See more information on CFL at their web site:


Total cost will be announced shortly.  In previous years it has been about $300.  


CFL uses the patrol method to cook most meals at the campsite.  The menu plan is attached below and is also available here:


Scouts must provide a current & completed medical form in order to leave for camp.  ALL SCOUTS AND LEADERS MUST HAVE A COMPLETED BSA ANNUAL HEALTH and MEDICAL RECORD ON FILE AT CAMP, NO MATTER HOW LONG THE DURATION OF THEIR STAY.  Parts A, B, and C must be filled out.  Any scout or adult that requires any type of prescription medication must bring the medicine in the original packaging with dosage instructions. Medication will be turned in to the medical technician following a short physical.  Medication will be dispersed as necessary at the health lodge under supervision of the medical technician.  Adults and youth should complete the forms as per the instructions on the forms.


A suggested packing list by Camp Freeland Leslie is available here:


Icon File Name Comment  
2017_BSC_Leader_Guide.pdf information for unit leaders (and parents) to assist in summer camp preparation  
2017_BSC_Meal_Preparation_Guide.pdf information on preparing meals while at camp  
2017_BSC_Program_Guide.pdf Program guide - information on merit badges and programs offered at CFL  
680-001_ABC.pdf Medical form. All parts *MUST* be filled out, including section C, signed by medical professional.  
BSC_Accommodation_Request.pdf Used to notify camp staff of health, dietary, or religious concerns and needs  
BSC_Packing_List.pdf Handy list of personal equipment to bring to summer camp  
BSC_Parents_Guide.pdf Parent guide - information for parents to assist in summer camp preparation  
BSC_Troop_Preparation_Checklist.pdf Troop preparation checklist for summer camp