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Brownie Uniform

Brownie Uniform

Items to be Purchased by Scout/Parent: Vest/Sash (sash is for 3rd graders as they will bridge up with in a year), flag, council patch, tab, brownie pin, world trefoil pin,  and troop numbers. Please leave space for the Troop Crest between the council patch and the troop numbers. 

Our Council required Uniforms
Class A:
White collared shirt and khaki bottoms with Vest/Sash 

Class B
Girl Scout Shirt

Class C
Street clothes- which is preferred for all troop meetings unless told otherwise

American Flag patch

Brownie Girl Scouts may wear the American Flag patch above the council and Girl Scouts of the USA identification strips on their uniform. (You may need to lower everything a bit so that the flag is placed in a position of visibility and respect.)

Indentification Strips

Place the Girl Scouts of the USA strip just below the shoulder seam on the right side of the Brownie Girl Scout vest. The strip shows that you belong to Girl Scouts of the USA. Place the Girl Scout Councile identification strip directly below the Girl Scouts of the USA identification strip. Every council has its own identification strip. 

Ours is Historic Georgia 

Troop Numbers

Place these numerals horizontally below the council identification strip. They represent the troop number assigned to your troop by your council.

Please use full Troop number

Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts

Place the Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts Award below the membership stars on the Brownie Girl Scout sash or vest. Daisy Girl Scouts complete activities for this award to prepare for Brownie Girl Scouting and it can be worn only on the Brownie Girl Scout uniform.

Do Not Purchase

Membership Stars and Discs

Place these pins directly beneath the troop numerals, beginning with the Daisy Girl Scout star (on blue disc) on the right side, then the Brownie Girl Scout stars (on green discs). Each membership star stands for being registered for one troop year. 

Do not purchase

Insignia Tab

Wear this brown felt tab on the left side above the heart on the Brownie Girl Scout vest or clothing. The tab is used to hold the World Trefoil Pin and Brownie Girl Scout Membership Pin. 

Please do not Place Pins on tab of a new scout till they have their ceremony, turn pins into Troop.

The World Trefoil Pin (top of Center this pin, if worn, above the Brownie Girl Scout Membership Pin. Place it in the same position on the insignia tab.

The World Trefoil Pin shows that you are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). On it are three leaves representing the Girl Scout Promise, with a flame that stands for loving all the people in the world.

The compass needle is to guide you, and the two stars are the Girl Scout Promise and Law. The outer circle represents the World Association, and the golden yellow trefoil on a bright blue background stands for the sun shining over the children of the world.

Brownie Girl Scout Membership Pin

Wear this pin on the left side of the Brownie shirt or vest, or on other clothing, centered above your heart. Or place it on an insignia tab and wear it in the same place. It is trefoil-shaped with a Brownie elf. It shows that you are a member of Girl Scouts of the USA at the Brownie Girl Scout level and is worn only by Brownie Girl Scouts.

Please Do Not place pin on uniform. Turn into Troop if a new scout.