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Boy Scout Troop 146
(Knoxville, Tennessee)
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General Troop Forms

  • Meeting Templates
  • Meal/Menu Plans Templates
  • Duty Roster Templates
Icon File Name Comment  
General template for Weely Meeting.docx To be used by Scouts when planning a weekly meeting  
Patrol Duty Roster.docx Patrol Duty Roster - Word(Editable) format  
Patrol Duty Roster.pdf Patrol Duty Roster - PDF Format  
Patrol Meal Plan Form.pdf Patrol Meal Planning Form  

The Red Folder

Troop 146 has developed a 'red' folder complete with our handbook, various appendices that provide some data about troop organization and gear, and our standard forms for new families and for rechartering.  This packet will be distributed at annual rechartering and to any new family when they join the unit.

Organizational Charts and listing of patrol memberships can be obtained from the Scoutmaster or from the Committee and will not be posted to our Public Site.
Icon File Name Comment  
BSA Annual Health Form.pdf BSA Health Form Parts A, B and C (Rechartering Form)  
Merit Badge Application.pdf Application to serve as a Merit Badge Counselor (Rechartering Form)  
Positions of Responsibility.pdf Complete Descriptions of all Positions of Responsibility (Appendix)  
SAFE_USE_OF_MEDICATION_IN_SCOUTING (2).pdf Information on Medication in Scouting (Appendix)  
T146 Scout and Family Handbook 11-13-2017.pdf T146 Scout and Family Handbook - Latest Version  
Troop 146 Driver Information Form.pdf Driver Insurance form to be submitted if you drive for a Scouting event (Rechartering Form)  
Troop Survey.pdf Troop Resource Survey (Rechartering Form)  

Eagle Scout

  • Eagle Project Workbook
  • Eagle Application
Icon File Name Comment  
2015 Eagle Project Workbook.pdf  
2015 Eagle Scout Application.pdf  

OA Forms

  • Candidacy Application
  • See the Order of the Arrow Tab and the OA Events Tab in the left hand menu bar of this site for additional information on the Order of the Arrow
Icon File Name Comment  
OA Form Brotherhood Candidacy.pdf  

Shooting Sports Regulations in GSMC

  • Standard Operating Procedure required for all shooting sports conducted by Units, District, and the Council within the Great Smoky Mountain Council
  • Reservation Form, Procedures, and Fees for Reserving Camp Buck Toms Ranges and Equipment
    • Note: Other Ranges and Private Property may be used, but the GSMC Shooting Sports SOP must be followed in all cases
Icon File Name Comment  
BSA Shooting Sports Manual.pdf Complete BSA Shooting Sports Manual - all answers given somewhere within  
CBT Range Reservation Form and Fees.pdf  
Shooting Sports Standard Operating Procedures-3.pdf