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Boy Scout Troop 146
(Knoxville, Tennessee)
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Troop Leadership Descriptions

TO RUN FOR A POSITION: Submit the Application for Leadership to the Senior Patrol Leader or to the Scoutmaster (if running for SPL).  On election night, wear your Class A Uniform and have a prepared written speech or notes.

Troop Officers. Troop 146 is a boy lead troop in accordance with the principles of the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America. The Troop Officers therefore provide the leadership for the Troop. A core group of these officers make up the membership of a planning committee known as the Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC). The PLC is the primary group responsible for the organization, planning and carrying out of troop activities as well as providing the initial layer of discipline for the Troop.

The Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). The PLC is made up of the following Troop Officers: SPL, ASPL, Troop Guides, and Patrol Leaders (or Assistant Patrol Leaders in the absence of a Patrol Leader). The Troop Scribe attends the PLC but is not a voting member.  All other officers need not be present at the PLC, but may be asked to submit a monthly report to the ASPL, who will in turn, incorporate those notes into his PLC report. The PLC is advised by the ASM(s) and the Scoutmaster. In general, major activities requiring travel or money expenditure need to be cleared with the (adult) Troop Committee.

  • All terms of office are 6 month terms. Terms run from January 1 to June 30, and July 1 to December 31.  Elections are held the second Monday of May and the second Monday of November.
  • Some offices are elected. Others are appointed by the SPL (with the approval of the Scoutmaster).
  • Any office that goes unfilled the night of the troop election may be filled at the Scoutmaster's discretion.
  • Any scout running for an office must show up dressed in full Class A uniform, with a prepared speech. If the scout is not in his Class A uniform, or does not show up with a prepared speech he may not run for that office that evening.
  • In the event that a boy is unable to be present at the elections, he may still run for an office, but he must (1) get prior approval from either the Scoutmaster or that position's Mentor, and (2) turn in a speech to either the Scoutmaster or that position's Mentor prior to the beginning of the meeting.
  • A training session – Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops – may be conducted each year with new officers.
  • PLC meetings are held monthly, and may be called by the SPL or other leaders as required.

The rank requirements (Star, Life, Eagle) to hold a troop leadership positions are not fulfilled by winning an election or by simple appointment, but by consistently and thoroughly performing the duties of the office, demonstrating leadership, and being present for 75% of troop activities and events. Officers not performing their duties will be, at a minimum, lose part or all credit for time served, and possibly be asked to resign and be replaced. Each officer should come to each troop activity prepared with a plan of action to fulfill the role required by his position. Close supervision or direction by senior scouts or adult leaders is not indicative of failing to fulfill the obligations of an office. The offices of the troop are considered positions of service, not power or prestige.

Icon File Name Comment  
Application for Leadership.pdf To be completed when wanting a PoR  
Assistant Patrol Leader.pdf  
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.pdf  
Chaplain Aide.pdf  
Den Chief.pdf  
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.pdf  
OA Troop Representative.pdf  
Patrol Leader.pdf  
Senior Patrol Leader.pdf  
Troop Historian.pdf  
Troop Instructor.pdf  
Troop Librarian.pdf  
Troop Quartermaster.pdf  
Troop Scribe.pdf  
Icon File Name Comment  
Troop Guide for New Patrol.pdf Troop Guide - younger boys  
Troop Guide for Older Boys.pdf Troop Guide - older Boys