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Boy Scout Troop 146
(Knoxville, Tennessee)
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In recent years, nearly every young man in our troop who has remained an active Scout after entering high school has earned the Eagle rank. These are the Eagles from present back to 1978

Jack Berry

Will Roberson

Blake Hensley

Bennett Neece

Hayden Smith

Adam Johnston

Sean Yap

Billy Dickau

Thomas Stubbs

Ben Roberson

Paul Varlan

Derek Ehrschwender

Matthew Wyatt

Jason Williams

Daniel Williams

Gabriel Green

Alex Varlan

Stuart Fried

Michael Brill

Christopher Prince

William Pearman

Charles Mitchell, Jr.

Eric Bassett

Benjamin Foster

Joseph Courtney

Tytus Moss

Taylor Brown

Dustin Breeden

Andrew Larsen

Jason King

John Carleston

Spencer Wright

Brian Holt

Allen Piercy

Michael Burgiss

Albert Wright

William Beck

Samuel Burgiss, Jr.

Timothy Fitzgerald

Bart Watkins

David Farmer

Joseph King

Craig Gibson

Douglas Milton

Fred Sutton

Lewis Burruss, Jr.

Robert Kerr

James Przygocki

Robert Taylor