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Boy Scout Troop 146
(Knoxville, Tennessee)
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Our Scouts and current ranks:

Unranked Members


Scout Rank

Landon, James, Zachary B., Colton, Matthew, Reid, and Athen

Tenderfoot Rank

Tenderfoot Requirements

Patrick, Seth, Sean, Hudson, Jack, Grant, Jax, Logan, E.J., Ryan, Ben D., and Jeremiah

2nd Class Rank

Second Class Requirements

Christopher, Joshua, Harry, Luke, Dakota, and Rhys

1st Class Rank

First Class Requirements


Star Rank

Star Rank
Ben B., Gavin, Kaleb, Caleb, Jacob and Zachary W.

Life Rank

Life Rank
Joseph, Victor, Andrew, Jesse, Noah, Jonathan and Xavier

Eagle Rank

Eagle Scout Rank