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A message from the Cubmaster

What is Cub Scouts……

Cub Scouting is YEAR ROUND FUN! No matter whatgrade you are in, first through fifth, it can be a blast. Do you like tolearn by doing? This is just the place. You can learn to tie knots, setup a tent and shoot a bow and arrow. Have you ever cooked a meal on acampfire? Raced a Pinewood Derby Car down the track or sent a secretcode to a buddy? Built a birdhouse? Went to Summer Camp? Made LIFE LONGFRIENDSHIPS??????
Pack 39 does all of this and MORE!!!!!!! 

Asthe current Assistant Cubmaster how did I become involved in Scouting? I have been involved with Scouting ever since i was a child, I am a life long scout and when my oldest son came homewith a flyer from school wanting to join scouting I was ecstatic.  A few years laterI've been a den leader, Assistant Cubmaster and have helped with several of thecommittees within the pack and now…..I'm the Cubmaster of Pack 39. 

Why do I LOVE Scouting…..because it brings the values,beliefs and love of the outdoors that I want to instill in both of myboys now and into the future. Pack 39 is a FAMILY AFFAIR we welcome ALLmembers of the family.  At Pack 39 we pride ourselves in making sure allfamily members are involved in our programs.  So if there is asibling…BRING them!!!!!  We will do our best to include them ineverything we do!!!!!

Adults…..please think about becoming involved because Scouting is what WE as parents do to ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT and ENRICH our boys. Pleasecome and visit….and plan to stay awhile.  Once you experience Scoutingyou'll ask yourself……..Why didn't we do this sooner!!!!!!

Contact me today to find out more about Pack 39 and how your son can benefit from Scouting!

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Scout Ski Day at Mad River Mountain

Pinewood Derby

Winter Campout

Scout Night with the Blue Jackets

Blue and Gold Banquet

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Advancement Ceremony and Cake Auction

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