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Welcome to Glenview, IL, Pack 559!

We are an active and fun Cub Scout pack serving boys and girls from Westbrook and Glen Grove Elementary schools in Glenview. We strive to learn, grow and have fun together.  Our Pack meets the second Friday of each month from September through May.  Most Pack meetings are held in the front gym at Westbrook Elementary.

Cub Scout Pack provides a path for boys and girls in grades K-5 that teaches character, the responsibilities of participating in citizenship, and develops personal fitness.

Bobcat - is the requirement your child will complete when first joining cubs scouts
After Bobcat, proceed to the grade level that your boy or girl is in: 
Lion Den - Kindergarten
Tiger Den - 1st grade
Wolf Den - 2nd grade
Bear Den - 3rd grade
Webelos 1 Den - 4th grade
Webelos 2 Den5th grade (your Cub Scout crosses over to becoming a Boy Scout
at a 'crossover' ceremony at the Blue & Gold Banquet in February)

Interested? Use the Contact Our Pack link at the top of the page to send us an e-mail and one of our trained adult leaders will be happy to answer your questions.